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Good So Far—With One Issue

I purchased Subplot to help revise a manuscript. The editor was interested, but asked for significant changes that almost amounted to a complete rewrite. Subplot seemed like a useful tool to help me keep track of plot and characterization. It’s working fine so far. I like the way it helps focus my thinking. And the price is right! I have only one issue. I can’t figure out how to get it to save to iCloud so I can use it across devices, mostly my laptop and desktop. Even iPhone. You never know when a good idea will strike. The manual is fairly thorough, but doesn’t say more than that it saves to a data base. I can't find anything in Preferences that will let me choose where to save my files. It doesn’t ask. There doesn’t seem to be a way to communicate with the makers. Could be I’m not looking in the right place? Has anyone run into similar issues.

Does what it says, but missing one crucial ability

While the feature set for Subplot’s primary purpose of story planning are admirable, it’s missing one absolutely critical element — export. Yes, it can export to .rtf or to physical print, which would work wonderfully for those who compose their novels and/or scripts in MS Word or Pages. The problem is, so many of us don’t. For my short stories, novels, and commercial or tutorial scripts, I use Scrivener. Some use Storyist. There may even still be writers using StoryMill or other older software solutions. And while I understand that it’s exhaustive, maybe even to the point of being impracticable, to cook up export functions to every writing software package under the sun, leaving it at *just* hardcopy or .rtf makes the export functionality feel like an afterthought at best.

Its Nice...

I bought Subplot a few months ago and I had no issue with the software. It has the stages needed to make a good novel for even the begining level of writers. I only wish in the character section the software would give us a little more freedom of labeling our unique characters, for an example instead of just the deafualt roles (protagonist, antagonist, love interest, etc.) they should add “Create a new Role” and let us name whatever, that would be a very nice addition. Maybe the next update?

Great for outlining

This is a great app to provide thorough outlining and guidance in organizing your prose. Suggestions: - have a section where you can actually write out the story and link it to the other events/acts - have a way to notify the writer when a certain limit of scenes have been saved. Something like "Looks like you're ready to start writing!" and then take them to the writing section - ability to link to Word/notepad and print out scripts with reports.

Character Mapping

It's a really great app for organizing thoughts on every aspect of a story. It would be a bit better if you could map character relationships though.


Organizing your thoughts and setting objectives requires a lot of extra organization. This product is extremely intuitive! Just by using this software I know more about what I want to write as well as how it will develop. This is extremely well done! Great Job! (and thanks!)

Cannot review. Crashes out of the box.

Too bad. Dose not work at all for me. It is the only application that I have ever had on the iMac that does not work period.

Works, Good Customer Support

PRO: Does what it says. Makes organization of thoughts and details easy. Good customer support. (They responded to my inquiry with a thoughtful and detailed e-mail within hours.) CON: Limited ability to customize descriptors except through prose.

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